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Fisher Graham Group

  • For this fund manager, facilitated the creation of is parent business plan, supported by the business plans of it subsidiaries. The process provided clarity on what products and services the entity would be involved in, the distribution pathways, target market characteristics, group structure, key business goals and risks, marketing strategies, operational plan and financial analysis.
  • Process involved brain storming session on vison, values, culture with the output being a statement on culture and the development of the organisations critical values.

Bus Process flow

Other Other work

Mortgage Achievers

  • For this start up entity, created a Success RoadMap business plan that covered:
    • Business profile, including vision, products, markets and structure
    • Strategy and objectives, including key strategic advantages and goals
    • Marketing plan, including strategy, branding and pricing
    • Key success factors, including SWOT, risk assessment, business processes and strategic relations
    • Financial forecast including forecast performance for revenue, expenditure, working capital and capital expenditure.
  • For the business owner, developed a Personal Success RoadMap diagnostically assessing whether the business’s long term goals were congruent with personal objectives.   Whilst not providing investment advice or financial planning, it helped bridge the individuals vision to the businesses development and valuation, ie “what you would like to be doing in 10 years”.

Personal SRMap