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Monash University

As a Certified Trainer ISO 31000 Alan is a part-time Sessional Teacher at Monash University.  This ensures he is across emerging tools and techniques.

Other Education work

Victorian Department of Education

With an objective to improve the service delivery efficiency and application processing capacity, for the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development conducted a business process review of the administration and granting of all approvals, including provider applications, service applications and certified supervisor applications. By developing a service baseline for regulatory, volume, completion times, staff numbers and director costs, and identifying the Critical Success Factors, redesign major processes.  This resulted in the elimination of duplication and silo inefficiencies, and increased focus on application automation, direct client communications and staff up-skilling.  Ultimately the outcomes have saved significant money, increased the Departments processing capacity which has positively increased customer satisfaction.

Victoria University

  • JNW conducted a business process efficiency review of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) enrolment process of Victoria University, including enrolment practices, compliance with the Service Agreement with the Higher Education and Skills Group (HE&SG) of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, and determining if the non-compliances were confined to only one Faculty.  Our recommendations strengthened the enrolment procedures and standardised practices through specific VET enrolment guidelines, procedures designed to add greater rigor and oversight with enrolment form completion and processing and the establishment of the Government Funded Checklist to ensure compliance with the Funding Contract requirements.
  • Jeff managed the outsourced internal audit function of Victoria University for over two years. Upon appointment, prepared a risk based Three Year Strategic Internal Audit plan. The plan was constructed through discussions with the CEO / senior management / Audit Chair / external auditor, with consideration given to organisational strategy and goals, industry value drivers, key business risks, industry insights over emerging risks and cyclical and past audit coverage.  The Audit Committee said it was the most comprehensive plan they had been presented with.
  • Conducted audits on:
    • Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (“TEQSA”) Re-registration Readiness assessment. The assessment examined the governance framework and processes in place to manage compliance with the Provider and Qualification Standards (Threshold Standards) in order to be registered by TEQSA
    • The key risks in achieving compliance with the Education Services for Overseas Students (“ESOS”) Act 2000
    • HE&SG payment reconciliation controls
    • Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) framework assessment
    • Processes and controls associated with the management of capital projects
    • Voluntary departure packages
    • Credit card usage
    • Implementation of the new billing system.
  • Provided guidance regarding the implementation of a new Purchasing Strategy and Policy, and provided recommendations such as:
    • Identify those practices that may inhibit the successful implementation of the Strategy and the realisation of the predicted benefits
    • Organisational design, the policy, the procure to pay process and procurement systems and tools
    • Issues and resourcing with changing purchasing from decentralised to a centralised approach
    • Risk exposures with an aim to increase the rigour, transparency and governance
    • Controls around the creation and use of category supplier panels
    • Contract performance reporting requirements.
  • Alan is an independent member of the Victoria University Compliance Audit and Risk Committee.