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Vegas at Waverley Gardens

Facilitated a Risk assessment for Vegas.  This included establishing strategic objectives, identifying commercial, financial, legal, operational and political risks, as well as assessing the strength of the controls and rating the likelihood and consequence of each risk.

Assessed the control environment over the following functions:

  • Machine/premise security
  • Cash recording and reporting systems
  • Clearance of coin machine cash note boxes
  • Storage of cash on premises
  • Venue management
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reporting.

Evaluated compliance with cash handling policies and procedures including:

  • Daily cash reconciliations between the venues daily Polled Revenue report and Intralot’s Gaming Machine Meter’s report
  • Processes for dealing with variances
  • Weekly/Monthly cash takings reporting.

Reviewed compliance with the venue’s gaming licence policies and procedures.

Other Sports & Entertainment work


Conducting Club Governance HealthCheck’s.  This program is an extension to the current AFL Risk Management audit and part of the AFL’s initiative to assist directors, and Clubs, with strengthening their governance frameworks and Club board effectiveness. It is recognised that strong corporate governance at Club level will help strengthen the industry brand and the performance of the Clubs.

To uncover the activities that the Board relies on, and how effectively it operates to meet its governance duties, we have developed an “Eight Dimensions of Club Governance” model.  It seeks feedback from all directors via an online Board Governance Survey.  You can see the model under services/board governance.

The survey covers:

  1. Board Operations
    This assesses how well the Board is functioning against the Eight Dimensions of Club Governance, considering Board composition and duties, Board processes, Board dynamics, strategic direction, risk management, operational oversight, financial reporting and stakeholder engagement.
  2. Board Leadership
    This appraises the President’s influence and effectiveness in managing the Board and Board processes.
  3. Board Member Peer Evaluation – Optional
    This optional section evaluates how directors add value to the Board, including role and responsibilities, preparation and participation and behaviour. The individual director assessment of the behaviour and performance of other directors, facilitates the group identification of each directors contributions and the opportunity for future improvement.

The outcomes of the survey is detailed in a Board Governance Performance Report which provides the Club with a summary of findings, recommended improvements aimed at facilitating a lift in governance capability and provides a snapshot benchmarking maturity assessment against each of the Eight Dimensions of Club Governance (see diagram below).


Hawthorn Football Club

  • Jeff has provided services to Hawthorn Football Club over the past four years reporting to the Finance and Risk Management Committee providing governance, financial controls and risk advice. JNW continues to provide internal audit services to HFC.
  • Jeff recently presented to the HFC Board on “Elevating Governance” and has just completed a review of the responsibilities and obligations of the Integrity and Compliance Committee.
  • Conducted a financial controls health check over membership, sponsorship, corporate Sales, merchandise, finance, IT controls, the Box Hill Football Club and major operating assets. All major processes were processed mapped so to identify inefficient or ineffective controls.
  • Reviewed controls over non-core football assets such as entertainment venues, covering cash handling, legislative compliance and financial reporting.
  • Evaluated the efficiency of merchandising controls, both online and instore,  The better practice evaluation covered:
    • Stock ordering and receipting at the Waverley Park HawksNest store and the Wallara warehouse
    • Sales and cash handling at the Waverley Park and Glenferrie HawksNest stores
    • Online sales
    • High level game day stock management (excluding attending a game).
  • Assessment of the governance structures, including board and sub committee charters.

Melbourne Cricket Club

  • Jeff managed the delivery of the internal audit program for the Melbourne Cricket Club for over five years. Reviews included financial reporting, payroll, accounts payable and receivables, assets and capital works management, IT governance, implementation of a new membership system, contract management and heritage asset collection. Insights lead to enhanced processes, more efficient systems and a stronger control environment and culture.
  • Evaluated the design and operating effectiveness of the internal controls established to manage intellectual property (IP). Outcomes included the development of an IP governance framework, IP asset register, standard IP clauses for inclusion in all employment, suppliers and partner contracts, filming and photography guidelines and the development of an IP asset protection strategy.
  • Examined the governance framework and developed an Assurance Map detailing processes key controls. Governance elements evaluated included committees, codes of conduct, statutory reporting, the risk management framework, policies and procedures, the delegation of authority and internal controls framework. We identified the ownership and accountability for key governance elements and their related assurance activities.
  • Assessed numerous event day cash handling processes, including the National Sports Museum and Yarra Park carpark. Assessment of controls included Point of Sale, debtor management and financial reporting.
  • Facilitated biannual event day threat risk and control assessment workshop. Risks identified at these workshops aided event continuity and disaster plans and covering the following:
    • Ground access controls
    • Security and crowd safety
    • Communications
    • Utilities
    • Infrastructure
    • Emergency management.

Melbourne University Sport

For Melbourne University Sport, conducted a financial impact analysis of the withdrawal of significant funding from the Amenities and Services Fees at Melbourne University.  The funding evaluation strategically considered current sports club funding against user needs, governance and cost structures, business development opportunities that could increase revenue and facilities management to maximise utilisation.



Jeff was the president of a junior football club, coach and Auskick coordinator for over nine years.  Leadership roles included managing teams of volunter and key stakeholders, building the Clubs sponsorship base, documenting the processes and strenghtening the governance. Consequently, he appreciates the pressures and resource constraints of a small organisation, but understands the importance of managing risk effectively.

Bright n Sandy Food & Wine Festival

  • Assessed the cash reconciliation process for the Bright n Sandy Food and Wine Festival. Recommendations included strengthening cash controls by introducing a formal ticketing system and developing a formal reconciliation process between tickets sold and cash banked.
  • Assessed the design and operating effectiveness of key internal controls established to mitigate specific risks associated with the event management process at Bayside, including events such as Wine Festival, Farmers Market, Sandringham Fair and Christmas Carols in the Park. The specific areas addressed were:
    • Event management framework
    • Policies and procedures
    • Event plans
    • Event permit application sign-offs and approvals
    • Risk assessment, including OH&S
    • Public liability insurance
    • Ongoing assessment and monitoring of the implementation of the plan.
  • Assessed the efficiency and effectiveness of the current cash receipting and reconciliation practices used for the 2014 Resonance Music Series.  The evaluation identified the need for an Event Management Checklist covering event management risks such as Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and public liability and a cash handling procedure.

AFL Grand Final Parade/New Years Eve

Reviewed event management procedures used to manage the AFL Grand Final parade and New Years Eve Celebration event risks. Outcomes identified that formalising the event management framework would strengthen the event permit approval process and that clarity around roles and responsibilities for compliance monitoring would enhance the reconciliation procedures.


  • Assessed the Moomba ticketing system including providing insight and clarity on issues such as outsourcing the ticketing and cash collection, contractor selection and management, printing and distribution of tickets, the daily cash/ticket collection and reconciliation process and audit procedures for observing operators.
  • Further, identified the risks that might arise from the outsourcing of the ticketing process and designed a proposed control framework to mitigate the risks.

Hotel, Gaming & Entertainment Complex’s

  • For WestWaters, Victoria’s second largest entertainment venue with a 4.5 star 98 room hotel, a la carte bistro, café, sports bar and function rooms, conducted several cash handling and general operations internal audits.  Activities assessed included gaming, food and beverage, accommodation, functions, payroll, accounts payable and IT back up procedures.  Recommendations provided guidance on how to increase profitability, drive costs down through finding efficiencies in its processes, whilst strengthening the control environment.



  • For Vegas at Waverley Gardens, a venue with 75 gaming machine entitlements,conducted an internal audit on the following functions:
    • Machine/premise security
    • Cash recording and reporting systems
    • Clearance of coin machine cash note boxes
    • Storage of cash on premises
    • HFC controls for reviewing the venue managers (B.L.M Club Management or BMG) procedures and follow up of issues
    • Daily/weekly/monthly reporting.