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Our Expertise

To be truly relevant it is an expectation that service providers know your industry so they can bring:

  • Value through benchmarking

  • An appreciation of your issues, challenges and risks

  • Better practice ideas.

At JNW, the industries we have selected as our focus have been chosen based on the team’s authentic experience reviewing risks, controls, systems and processes.  We want to partner with industries we know, understand and are passionate about.  For instance:

  • We have valuable insights for local government and the disruption it is currently having to manage due to the rate capping regime
  • The water industry having just experienced a turbulent period with the Office of Living Victoria is now heading into a new pricing process and we know the demands of this
  • Funding for sporting and entertainment is increasingly difficult in a tight economy, yet if investments are not made in technology and growing the customer base, the likelihood of success diminishes
  • The word “disruption” is now a regularly used by our Prime Minister. Harnessing new technologies such as social media, the cloud, online collaboration and crowd sourcing will be important for all
  • Whilst stable, managing large property portfolio’s requires greater governance with outsoucing and development to ensure appropriate sustainable returns are achieved
  • The education sector’s change in funding model has created significant change. Student attraction and retention are now critical given the global competitiveness.

Our experience in your sector will deliver value added insight.  See below our industry experience.