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Sports & Entertainment

We have seen over the past couple of years how important it is to protect your brand.  This is becoming increasingly more difficult with the level of media scrutiny and the need for revenue diversification. Financial and operational mismanagement can lead to front page headlines, difficulties in attracting major sponsors and long term financial sustainability issues.

As we are witnessing with sporting clubs, they are diversifying revenue streams and growing into large businesses.  Corporate governance is becoming a vital tool in assisting Club Boards and Management assess and appropriately control risk. As a consequence, Clubs are establishing risk management frameworks and internal control environments.

The Sports and Entertainment industry is a key focus and passion for JNW.  We understand the risks, performance pressures, need to actively manage stakeholder’s high expectations and the need to deliver consistent high quality event management and services.  The breadth of our experience and the quality of our clients such as the Hawthorn Football Club, demonstrates we appreciate the culture of sporting associations and their need to responsibly manage risk.

Examples of our valuable Club and event management experience are detailed below: