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09-04-2020 - Jeff Webb

COVID-19: Risks to Combat

Are Your Controls Still Effectively Managing Your Risks Warren Buffett says “you only…

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06-12-2019 - Jeff Webb

JNW Strategic Consulting’s 2020 Control Focus Tips

1. Governance – oversight of culture and conduct Many senior business people have…

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17-12-2018 - Jeff Webb

JNW Strategic Consulting’s 2019 Risk Landscape

1. Disruption through technology and new operating models Boards need to identify emerging…

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12-06-2018 - Jeff Webb

ASIC berate boards with APRA/CBA report

Whilst the obligations for board members has not changed, the spotlight is being…

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19-12-2017 - Jeff Webb

Corporate Governance – How to save brand damage and have a happy new year

As 2017 draws to a close, we reflect on what constitutes Good Corporate…

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13-12-2016 - Jeff Webb

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy and safe new year.

Being innovative, JNW is pleased to send you a Merry Christmas Video. I…

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18-03-2016 - Jeff Webb

Tips for Completing a Rate Variation Application

Financial Areas of Focus Local council expert Jeff Webb from JNW Strategic Consulting,…

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29-11-2015 - Jeff Webb

Rate Cap Legislation Now Law

As part of the Minister for Local Government’s Local Government Reform Agenda, one…

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16-11-2015 - Jeff Webb

Water reforms – desal to be turned on

Based on an article published today in the Age by Marc Moncrief and Josh…

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12-11-2015 - Jeff Webb

Outcomes from the ESC Water Pricing Conference

Over the past two days, the Essential Services Commission (ESC) has hosted a…

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