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Business Process Improvement

In an environment where you now have to do more with less, and cost cutting is critical for profitability, our design thinking can improve a business’s processes without compromising the risk profile.

To deliver the strategic objectives, an organisation designs and implements Business Process Controls (BPC) to manage and direct resources.  These BPC’s cover a range of operational functions that are critical to creating value.  Unfortunately, not all BPC’s are effective or efficient, limiting an organisation optimal output, either through higher costs, greater risk exposure or inappropriate use of assets.

JNW has significant experience with assessing BPC’s effectiveness and efficiency, and has created better practice models specifically for procurement, contract and project management, shared services (covering sales, payments, payroll, IT and Occupational Health & Safety), asset management, cash handling and event management.

We have developed a unique Systems Thinking Service Improvement methodology driven around creating sustainable value for End Users and their “Service Experience”.  It focuses on identifying End User Feelings, the organisations People, Culture & Behaviours and discovering Processes, IT system & Asset gaps to enhance integration of operations and delivering of better outcomes.  It is about improving business processes to increase service value and building capability of staff to identify and solve problems.

Systems Thinking is a holistic approach to business transformation that calls for a view and discipline that recognises and examines the commonality of function and the impacts on the organisation as a whole, as distinct from a focus that merely identifies individual processes. Our systems thinking workflow mapping will help identify common processes and opportunities for efficiencies.

Systems Thinking Service Value Creation Model

Our continuous improvement methodologies, by focusing on the Service Experience, reduces waste, increases efficiencies and enables you to do more with less.

It may be time to review the way your operational processing occurs.

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