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Cash Handling

Given the high vulnerability of cash to misappropriation, we can provide the assurance you need.

From parking meter coin collection, event ticketing, venue cash register sales, gaming machine takings, carpark gate fees, payment of fines, sale of merchandise to petty cash usage, JNW has strong cash handling frameworks that can help prevent revenue leakage. 

In fact, we are often asked to evaluate cash handling processes including:

  • Cash handling policies and procedures
  • Cash receipting controls
  • Coin counting
  • Till read and reconciliations
  • Cash float handling
  • Processing of discounts / refunds / reversals of transactions
  • End-of-day reconciliation processes between cash collected and cash recorded
  • Variance reporting, follow up and authorisation
  • Cash banking and site storage / security over cash
  • Auditing and assurance processes.

See below for some client examples.

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