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Event Management

Holding or managing events creates significant amounts of risks especially with patron health and safety.  So many hazards need to be managed ranging from site security, death or injury, emergency, fire, temporary structures, overcrowding, traffic, waste, alcohol, criminal activity, food safety, cash handling, legislative/permit breach, power supply and extreme weather conditions, just to name a few.

Consequently, organisations responsible for events need to have strong event management frameworks that treat the risks.

We have reviewed event management frameworks for major events such as the AFL grand final parade, Moomba, City of Melbourne’s New Years Eve celebrations, Bright ‘n’ Sandy food and wine festival, Christmas carols in the park, fairs, farmers markets and music series.     

We have also assessed venue management for the Melbourne Cricket Ground, WestWaters Hotel & Entertainment Complex (the second largest entertainment facility in Victoria) and numerous major CBD commercial high rise buildings.

Some of the insights learnt suggest the following are key to managing event and venue risks:

  • Documented event management framework, policies and procedures – include clear delegations, roles and responsibilities
  • Event planning process including plan assessment guide
  • Risk assessment and treatment plan
  • Public liability insurance protection
  • Adequately resourced, informed, trained and competent team with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Event plan compliance monitoring – going assessment/audit of the implementation of the event plan (before, during and after events)
  • Event Operations Centre for stakeholder communication and incident reporting
  • Post event review/debrief.

Ultimately, the control framework should be constructed around a sliding risk scale based on size, scale, profile and complexity of the event, i.e. larger/higher risk events should require greater plan detail and plan monitoring.  JNW can assist you with establishing a suitable event management framework that will help you minimise your risks.

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