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5 Steps of Procurement

Significant cost savings and value can be achieved through efficient procurement. Similarly, ineffective systems can lead to fraud and brand destruction

JNW has significant experience with assisting organisations design effective procurement frameworks.  We bring industry intelligence and knowledge of procurement guidelines such as Victorian Local Government Best Practice Procurement Guidelines, Victorian Auditor General’s Office’s report on procurement, Financial Management Compliance Framework, and the Victorian Government Purchasing Board policy.

A summary of our relevant procurement experience is as follows:

  • Created a Procurement Improvement Implementation Roadmap for Manningham City Council that considered the governance framework, business rules, automation workflows and communication and training awareness.  Importantly, we developed a clear simple five steps process that ensures a controlled efficient approach to purchasing.
  • Reviewed the procurement processes at a major water authority, including analysis of the procurement environment, culture, policies and procedures, governance and spend patterns, developed a Process Improvement Roadmap that outlined enhancement initiatives such as:
    • Clearer procedures through the redesign of the Procurement & Contract Management Procedures manual including designing procurement decision tree flowcharts for all procurement methods 
    • Greater consistency and transparency through the development of Procurement Assessment forms (tools to ensure governance, procurement method transparency and compliance with agreed threshold procedures)
    • Greater efficiencies and potential cost savings with the establishment of a centralised Procurement Governance Hub, panels, embedding risk management and use of standardised purchased orders and contracts.
  • Review and refinement of the purchasing policy and procedures for numerous clients including ensuring they comply with better practice procurement guidelines such as Financial Management Compliance Framework, Victorian Industry Participation Policy, Ethical Purchasing Policy, the Victorian Government Purchasing Board policy and Ministerial Direction No 1: Tendering Provisions for Public Construction.
  • Assessed compliance with purchasing guidelines to identify service creep, invoice splitting, threshold breaches/fraud, use of supplier panels, formalisation of Tender Evaluation Panels, probity, transparency of evaluation and negotiation decision process, management of conflict of interests, valid and signed contract and supporting documentation.


Our team would welcome the opportunity to help you extract value and reduce costs through the implementation of our Dynamic Procurement Framework.

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