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Shared Services (finance, IT and OH&S)

It is important that BPC’s are efficient and effective in the delivery of back office functions covering income, expenditure, cash management, payroll, IT and OH&S. 

Our consultants have significant experience in streamlining and strengthening shared service functions, including having conducted service efficiency reviews, process control evaluations and designed roadmaps targeted at cost reductions.  Reviews have incorporated data analytics, subject matter experts and covered rating strategies, online retailing, activity based costing, property management, student enrolment, treasury, staff expenditure, grant acquittals, IT controls, parking meter coin collections, fleet management, complaint handling, HR strategies, fraud and corruption frameworks and performance reporting.

Furthermore to protect Directors and Executive from personal liability JNW has access to:

  • IT specialists that can help you manage emerging risks such as cyber-attack, cloud penetration, Internet of Things systems access, IT project implementation and mobile data hacking
  • OH&S experts that can design strategies, policies, prevention frameworks to hazard identification to protect you and your workers.


Most internal audit programs cover financial processes.  See below for examples.

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