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Risk Management

  • Risk policy and framework development
  • Risk identification workshops
  • Risk maturity assessments
  • Risk reporting
  • Risk training

Our Risk Solutions are designed to increase your risk intelligence and enable you to anticipate disruption, predict emerging risks and build your capacity and preparedness to act.

JNW has significant experience with assisting organisations design effective risk management frameworks and intelligence.  Our methodology leverages off better practice methodologies, global standards such as ISO AS/NZS 31000 risk management — principles and guidelines, HB 266:2010 Guide for managing risk in not-for-profit organizations and industry guides. 

We can provide better practice, industry and standards compliant risk templates, tools and experience that can help Management better operationalise risk management and build a platform for a strong

Examples of our broad risk experiences include:

  • For Telstra, Jeff led a team that redesigned the way the organisation managed risk.  This included designing the risk operating model and the necessary transformation program to restructure the organisation into three Lines of Defence.  Outputs were an industry risk maturity assessment, risk appetite statement, structure and resourcing of the Chief Risk Office and a risk transition roadmap.
  • For numerous councils, including Manningham City Council, created risk management frameworks that included elements such as:
    • Risk management strategy and Risk Management Policy.
    • Risk Appetite Discover Workshop with Executive Management Team.
    • Ensuring risk is included in strategic planning documentation and the planning process.
    • Risk Identification and Risk Rating Workshops.
    • Risk register development.
    • Senior Management Team Risk Assessment Summary Workshops to discuss the identified risks, ratings, their entity wide consistency and interdependency.
    • Risk treatment plans for High and Very High rated risks.
    • Risk reporting process, including how to manage incidents, quarterly Directors sign-off on their operational risks, and reporting for the Risk Management Committee and Audit Committee.
    • Analysis of risk software systems.
  • Facilitated numerous risk workshops and training programs. The team’s presentation style is engaging, practical and makes risk management relevant to all the audience, no matter what their background. Consulting Director Alan is a Certified ISO 31000 risk trainer.
  • For two rural councils that were considering establishing a Risk Management Shared Service, conducted risk maturity benchmarking assessments.
  • For Boroondara City Council, delivered a risk culture assessment which included conducting a risk questionnaire survey and culture assessment workshops.

Below is JNW’s simple but effective 6 Step Risk Management Process that can be tailored to your requirements:

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 12.53.00 PM


An example of the output from our risk maturity benchmarking is set out below.  This provides useful information on how you compare to your peers, as well as identifying areas for improvement.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 12.54.23 PM

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